CREAM System: Elevating Agri-Food Standards

Dive into the CREAM System: our innovative approach to agri-food quality, ensuring food safety & simplifying trade with the European Union.

The Power of Quality Certification

With the CREAM System, quality control in the agri-food sector has never been more comprehensive or reliable. Our certification process aligns with the EU’s rigorous food quality definitions, providing complete assurance to both producers and consumers. The integrated digital system ensures easy access for local farmers, enabling them to bring their high-quality produce to a broader market.

Win-Win for All Stakeholders

The CREAM System is more than just a quality control protocol; it’s a win-win scenario for everyone involved. By streamlining agricultural practices and elevating the quality of produce, the CREAM System is a key driving force in the EU-Uzbekistan Food Security Program and the Development of the Agricultural Industry of Uzbekistan.

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The CREAM System:
A New Trading Bridge

The CREAM System not only guarantees quality but also simplifies trade between Uzbekistan and Europe. We remove the stress of customs and transportation, allowing farmers to focus on their primary goal: producing top-quality agricultural products.

Farmers’ Key to Growth

The CREAM System paves the way for revenue growth for Uzbek farmers. Our farmer integration process enables local producers to tap into the lucrative European market. Moreover, the CREAM logo acts as a seal of approval, increasing product appeal and reducing returns.

The National Impact

The CREAM System extends its benefits far beyond individual farmers. It’s a catalyst for increased national value, attracting attention from European importers and ensuring diversification of quality food products for domestic consumers.

Benefits to the European Union

For the European Union, the CREAM System represents continued support in developing the agri-food sector in Uzbekistan. It ensures smooth imports and enhances national well-being through improved food security and nutrition.

We Are Driving Prosperity and Economic Growth

With the CREAM System, the agri-food sector is on track for unprecedented prosperity and economic growth. By producing high-quality food, enhancing consumption, and boosting export volume, we promise a brighter future.

As the country continues to attract more investors, our system plays a crucial role in increasing economic stability and promoting new investment opportunities.

Join us on this journey to agricultural excellence and sustainability, and be a part of a CREAM-y transformation!

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