BMB: Pioneering CREAM in Uzbekistan

BMB Trade Group, a leading investment and consulting firm, is set to pioneer the integration of the groundbreaking CREAM system in Uzbekistan, transforming the agricultural and food industry landscape of the nation.

For context, BMB Trade Group stands as a formidable entity in the investment sphere, boasting a team of 40 experts and analysts whose expertise has guided over 200 foreign companies. With its participation in equity and joint investment projects amounting to a staggering $500 million, BMB continues to be a catalyst for positive economic transformation. Annually, the company ventures into the establishment of two enterprises geared towards the production, processing, storage, and export of agricultural products, underscoring its commitment to diversifying its portfolio and expanding its range of services.

Key facets of BMB’s operational activities include:

  • The nurturing and development of international business and trade relationships
  • Mobilization of foreign investments
  • Overseeing the execution of investment projects across various economic sectors
  • Spearheading the introduction of state-of-the-art technologies
  • Establishing modern agro-industrial clusters, which are crucial for enhancing agricultural productivity
  • Facilitating the export of top-tier agricultural products
  • Rendering invaluable consulting services for investment projects and businesses at large

Recently, a letter addressed to Károly Berecz, the founder of the CREAM system, from BMB Trade Group underscores the company’s enthusiasm and commitment to introducing the CREAM system to Uzbekistan. This letter not only signals a monumental collaboration but also the dawn of an era marked by enhanced agricultural standards and practices in the country.

In the letter, BMB Trade Group expressed gratitude for Mr. Károly’s exhaustive efforts in engaging with various stakeholders, including OTP, IFC, EBRD, and the local representation of Commerzbank in Uzbekistan. His interactions with the BBC in Munich were particularly highlighted, underscoring the depth and breadth of his engagements in ensuring the success of the CREAM system’s integration.

Key takeaways from the correspondence include:

  1. Embracing the CREAM Certification: BMB is prepared to lead the charge in Uzbekistan by acquiring the coveted CREAM trademark certification for agricultural and food industry products. Furthermore, BMB is receptive to the idea of partnering with UZHUT LLC for the export of their products to European markets.
  2. Becoming a Benchmark: BMB aspires to serve as a model for the successful implementation and results of the CREAM system in Uzbekistan, setting the standard for potential adaptation in other Central Asian countries.
  3. Strategic Collaboration: A strategic cooperation agreement between BMB and CREAM Ltd. is on the horizon, promising mutual benefits for both entities.
  4. Facilitating Integration: BMB is eager to facilitate the synergy between the teams of CEGP NZrt and CREAM Ltd with the cluster system, especially concerning vegetables, fruits, seeds, and spices. This is coupled with an interest in fostering the integration of CREAM-certified agricultural producers based on the guidelines of the clusters.
  5. Governmental Collaboration: With a commitment to fulfilling the goals set by the President of Uzbekistan, BMB is primed to bolster collaboration with the nation’s Ministries and the Presidential Office. This is especially noteworthy considering the positive feedback from the Deputy Ministers of Agriculture and Innovation – Industry – Trade regarding the CREAM system.

In conclusion, BMB Trade Group’s proactive stance in pioneering the CREAM system promises a transformative journey for Uzbekistan’s agricultural sector. With robust support from various stakeholders, this collaboration is poised to elevate the nation’s agricultural products to international standards, specifically meeting the stringent criteria of the European Union. The future indeed looks promising for Uzbekistan, with BMB Trade Group at the helm of this agricultural renaissance.

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