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The CREAM System: Bridging Uzbekistan’s Agri-Food Sector to EU Standards

The vision for Uzbekistan’s agri-food industry stands clear: leverage European standards, improve product quality, and optimize exports to the European Union. At the core of this transformation is the CREAM system. Here, we’ll explore how the CREAM system is set to revamp Uzbekistan’s agricultural sector and what it means for the country’s farmers and consumers.

CREAM’s Blueprint: A Comprehensive Database

Database “A” serves as the cornerstone of the CREAM system, with a meticulous index detailing every agricultural and food product to EU standards. Products are divided up to eight layers deep, from broad categories like plants and meats to specifics such as varieties of tomatoes or their colors.

Within this extensive database are three levels: CREAM GOOD, CREAM BETTER, and CREAM BEST. These distinctions ensure products not only meet but exceed the EU’s “consumable” standards. CREAM BETTER represents a mid-tier quality, while CREAM BEST is the pinnacle, maximizing quality while ensuring economic viability.

P&P Database: Customizing for Uzbekistan

After the installation of “A” database, a dedicated team trains government-appointed personnel to shape it according to Uzbekistan’s specific needs, resulting in the “P&P” (Products and Producers) database. It’s here that actual producers and products from Uzbekistan are categorized based on the criteria set by the “A” database.

For instance, if a particular tomato variety produced by a local farmer fits the CREAM GOOD standard, it gets registered as such. This intricate process involves on-ground certifications in collaboration with the Uzbekistan branch of SGS, a renowned inspection and verification company.

Empowering Local Farmers: The CREAM Integration

With the “P&P” database underway, farmer integrations commence. An independent entity, UZFARMS LLC, is formed for this very purpose. This integration not only acknowledges farmers with certified CREAM products but also offers an array of services. These range from warehouse management systems, banking, training, and even introductions to new innovations.

Unlocking European Exports

UZHUT LLC takes the helm of exporting Uzbekistan’s finest to the EU. The emphasis here is quality. Only products with the CREAM seal, endorsed by both CREAM-UZ LLC and SGS, make the cut. These products don’t just land in the EU – they’re marketed with finesse through Public Realization & Communication campaigns, assuring that they command premium prices. An advanced logistics infrastructure in Austria and Slovakia aids the seamless distribution within Europe.

CREAM’s Future: B2B and B2C Prospects

As the CREAM system matures, there’s potential to go beyond exports. There’s a vision to establish a domestic network that caters to both businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C).

On the B2B side, a smart warehouse-store network can cater to high-quality restaurants, propelling Uzbekistan as a gastronomic destination. For B2C, envision a retail chain offering certified CREAM products. These aren’t just any stores. They’re immersive experiences, complete with show kitchens, events, and presentations. They stand apart in offering a westernized shopping experience, drawing consumers who crave more than just basic services.

In Conclusion

The CREAM system isn’t just a blueprint; it’s an evolution for Uzbekistan’s agri-food sector. From defining product quality to building networks that empower local farmers and provide premium products to consumers, both locally and in the EU, it’s an ambitious project poised to redefine how Uzbekistan produces, certifies, and markets its agri-food products.

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