CREAM – Food Security in Uzbekistan

The CREAM Dream: Pioneering Food Security in Uzbekistan

The global demand for food security has never been more pressing. Ensuring that populations have access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food is paramount. Leading the charge is the CREAM Project, a novel endeavor devised to transform the agricultural and food sectors in target nations. One such nation poised to benefit is Uzbekistan. This article delves into the intricate structure of the CREAM Project, emphasizing its imminent implementation in Uzbekistan.

Foundations of the CREAM System

At the core of the project is the CREAM know-how system, a meticulously devised plan protected by international trademark laws. This system, founded by Károly Berecz, represents a culmination of expertise from Central European Gastro Platform Hungary (CEGP NZrt), CREAM LTD, and CREAM Holding Malta. Validating its significance, a renowned European auditor, with three decades of global repute, has valued the CREAM know-how at a staggering 60.4 million euros. Notably, this valuation has been duly certified, making the system’s merits secure.

Venturing Beyond Boundaries with CREAM

The vision of CREAM isn’t limited to its place of origin. CREAM Ltd., registered in Malta in 2023, holds the global distribution rights for the CREAM know-how. By establishing subsidiaries in target countries, it aims to introduce the CREAM system across the globe. For Uzbekistan, this vision will come to life through CREAM-UZ, a subsidiary that will spearhead the comprehensive integration of CREAM know-how in the nation. Assuming a structure where 95% of CREAM-UZ is owned by CREAM Ltd., the potential remaining 5% is reserved for a CEO, conditional on performance evaluation over a year.

Fueling the CREAM Dream in Uzbekistan

Embarking on such an ambitious journey requires considerable financial backing. Hence, the latter half of 2023 will witness the foundation of the Central Asian Fund Manager Corporation (CA-FMCo LLC) in Uzbekistan. This venture capital fund management company aims to curate five distinct funds: a flagship Fund of Funds (FoF) and four sector-specific funds focusing on agriculture, food industry, innovation, privatization, and SMEs.

FoF emerges as the foundation, financing the CREAM Project in Uzbekistan, alongside channeling resources into the sector funds. The impetus behind the FoF’s inception stems from a shared vision between the European Union and Uzbekistan – achieving food security in Uzbekistan. This collaboration finds roots in international accords, backed by Uzbekistan’s proactive steps towards bolstering its agricultural exports to Europe.

With official documents signifying both entities’ willingness to contribute upwards of 30 million USD each, the focus shifts to CA-FMCo to prudently manage these funds. Abiding by stringent European standards, CA-FMCo’s investment strategy ensures transparent, audited, and responsible financial stewardship, providing peace of mind to investors.

Yet, the EU and Uzbekistan aren’t the sole stakeholders. Other organizations, recognizing the value of food security in Uzbekistan, are rallying behind the CREAM Project. Preliminary talks with USAID are underway, while institutions like the EBRD and OTP have already expressed their commitment. Commerzbank, in partnership with OTP, is keen on supporting quality exports from Uzbekistan to Europe. And the interest doesn’t end there, with new potential investors continuously being explored, including a forthcoming engagement with UNPD.

Ultimately, CA-FMCo LLC’s role is pivotal. By evaluating and financing the CREAM system’s rollout in Uzbekistan, it directly supports the project company, CREAM-UZ LLC. Equipped with the right expertise, knowledge, and tools, CREAM-UZ is primed to actualize the CREAM system in Uzbekistan, bringing the dream of food security one step closer to reality.

The CREAM Project stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. By intertwining expertise, international partnerships, and robust financial strategies, it promises to reshape the landscape of food security in Uzbekistan and potentially, the world.

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